Dairy Powders and Fats

This is an area in which we specialize with our twenty years of market experience. We have an international and domestic network of suppliers and buyers that we can tap into for your needs.

As the industry authority we can provide a historical perspective and insight to the forces that drive the dairy markets.

Reasons Why Customers Call Us

— Looking to source or sell imported dairy powders and fats
— Warehouse damaged ingredients
— Downgraded material


Major manufacturers produce dairy powders that are off-specification for protein or fat. We find solutions that keep the ingredients in the edible market, which helps our customers recover a better price and provides buyers a low cost solution to their ingredient needs.

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Dairy Powders
Nonfat Dried Milk
   -Low Heat
   -Medium Heat
   -High Heat
Whole Milk Powder
   -26% & 28%
Whey Powder
Milk Protein Concentrate (40% to 80%)
Milk Protein Isolate
Whey Protein Concentrate (34% to 80%)
Whey Protein Isolate
Dairy Fats
Butter (80% & 82%)
Anhydrous Milk Fat
Concentrated Milk Fat

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