If you are a buyer or a seller of food ingredients, leverage our worldwide network to acquire or sell the ingredients you need
Sellers: Convert your inventory to cash
Buyers: Source low cost ingredients

From start to finish, our step-by-step process will:
• Meet your needs
• Save you time and hassle
• Reduce your costs

Convenience • Quick Response • Trusted Advisors

Turnkey solutions to deal with your inventory challenges

Expert Guidance

With our twenty years of experience helping buyers and sellers manage their food ingredients, we have learned that there is more than buying and selling. Download our guide, which includes things you should know and things we get asked frequently.

Buyer's & Seller's Guides

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From start to finish, we handle every detail
and make it easy.

Surplus Ingredients

We take the risk out of your purchase by providing detailed information, including specification sheets, certificates of analysis and samples when requested. We provide you peace of mind when making a purchasing decision.

Surplus Ingredients

After we understand your situation and goals you can leave the rest to us. We will maximize the return on your assets by merchandizing your product to our extensive database of buyers. We take care of all of the details such as credit approval, logistics, invoicing and collections.

Ingredient Recycling

We embrace the Zero Waste Philosophy. According to Wikipedia, Zero Waste encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused with nothing sent to land fills or incinerators. We provide a safe and secure outlet for byproducts and inedible food ingredients.