What We Do

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We will…

  • Make it easy to do business
  • Handle all details from origin to destination
  • Remain fully compliant to your requirements and all regulations
  • Not surprise you, and put it all in writing



What Our Clients Say

They are a partner, not just a supplier.

"I like doing business with Ingredient Exchange because they are a partner, not just a supplier. They look out for us as their business partner, and keep us informed of changes in the markets. They are always professional and friendly. They make doing MY job that much easier and manageable.”
- Laura

Quality products at competitive prices in a competitive market.

“Ingredient Exchange has been excellent in providing quality products at competitive prices in a competitive market. Chris and Jessica’s attention to detail and customer service are second to none.”

Ingredient Exchange sets a standard from the top down.

“I have been doing business with Ingredient Exchange Co. for approximately 22 years. It is my interest as a buyer and a manager/owner to associate myself and our company with other people and companies that we can trust and rely on. Ingredient Exchange sets a standard from the top down. All employees are respectful, courteous, and follow through on projects in a timely manner. They understand who the customer is…something many times forgotten in today’s business world. Ingredient Exchange was originally used to source spot loads or would provide offers on deal items that worked great for our company. Today, we have many contract relationships with weekly business. They’re big enough to handle your greatest needs but small enough to know you personally. Ingredient Exchange is an exceptional company that I would recommend to anyone.”

High ethical standards and very responsive

“I like working with Ingredient Exchange due to their high ethical standards. They are always up-front with me on the market place and who I can (sell) or not sell to. They also provide ideas for other avenues to sell my products. Ingredient Exchange is easy to do business with and very responsive to any urgent needs that I have.”

Download Our Sellers Guide and Discover:

  • How To Get Started Selling Problem Ingredients
  • How To Recover The Most Money
  • What To Do With Ingredients Nearing Their Expiration Dates or Expired
  •  And More! 


We strive to be the leader in our marketplace; to be the first company people think of when they have a food ingredient they need or can no longer use. We work hard, have fun and thrill our customers. Our brand and reputation are important to us. We believe the following core values and differentiators set us apart:

Core Values:

Being Humble: We approach our market with humility. This means that we are focused on your agenda and know that we cannot be everything to every client. We do not carry a big “S” on our chest, but by delivering on our promises we are proud of the relationships we have developed.
Integrity: Integrity to us is not a platitude. It means to only conduct transactions where it makes economic sense and is in the best interest of all parties. This means doing the right thing even if it means losing the deal! No exceptions! Food Safety and our reputation are too important to compromise.
Being Resourceful: Walls and roadblocks are obstacles for the weak. Our persistence, can-do attitude and creativity allow us to make deals where others cannot.