Wholesale Cheese

Aahhh…Cheese! This is an area in which we specialize. We deal in a variety of cheeses from high quality aged cheese to under-grade and junior cheeses used for processing.

Reasons Why Customers Call Us

— Our inventory of premium aged & current cheese
— To manage inventory
— Excess inventory
— Hard to find cheese varieties
— Junior / off-specification cheese
— Low cost alternatives
— Under-grade & Trim


We support cheese manufacturers in being a continual resource for selling cheese that is off-specification for moisture, pH, and salt.

A cheese wholesale manufacturer had an export deal that fell through. We quickly found a buyer and converted this inventory into cash.

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Aged Cheddar Cheese

You can benefit from our aging program for 40# white and colored cheddar cheese. Ask our experts to design a set aside program for your specific needs to achieve your functional and flavor requirements. We inventory mild, medium, sharp and extra sharp cheddar for spot sales. Call us today to fill a hole in your program, or let us design a program for you.

Cheese for Cut & Wrap/Shredding

With broad market access and a comprehensive understanding of market trends, we can help you sell and buy bulk cheese at wholesale prices for your cutting, slicing and shredding needs. The following are just a few of the varieties of bulk cheese we sell:

Monterey Jack
Under Grade Cheese & Cheese for Processing

Don’t waste your sales team’s time marketing your less than perfect cheese. Let us help you recover as much money as possible while your sales team stays focused on your core business. Buyers of junior, “B” grade and under grade cheese value defects differently. Tell us about your problem cheese and we will get to work, using our knowledge, experience and reputation to minimize your loss and help clean up your inventory.

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