Welcome to Ingredient Exchange!

We strive to be the leader in our marketplace; to be the first company people think of when they have a food ingredient they need or can no longer use. We work hard, have fun and thrill our customers. Our brand and reputation are important to us. We believe the following core values and differentiators set us apart:

Core Values:

Being Humble: We approach our market with humility. This means that we are focused on your agenda and know that we cannot be everything to every client. We do not carry a big ā€œSā€ on our chest, but by delivering on our promises we are proud of the relationships we have developed.
Integrity: Integrity to us is not a platitude. It means to only conduct transactions where it makes economic sense and is in the best interest of all parties. This means doing the right thing even if it means losing the deal! No exceptions! Food Safety and our reputation are too important to compromise.
Being Resourceful: Walls and roadblocks are obstacles for the weak. Our persistence, can-do attitude and creativity allow us to make deals where others cannot.

  • Worldwide network of resources developed over twenty years
  • Creativity and responsiveness
  • Individualized and custom solutions
  • Focus on food safety
  • We make it easy to do business with us
  • Specialists in dairy, sweeteners, fruits & vegetables, and bakery ingredients