Ingredient Recycling

Do you have inedible ingredients and by products?

Why pay money to throw product away? You would be surprised where we can place inedible food ingredients or by-products! We have alternatives for such products in a variety of different non-food industries. 

The following are a few examples of inedible or unusable food ingredients we can help you sell: 

  • Scrap Cheese or Moldy Cheese
  • Bakery Waste or Scrap 
  • Meat & Poultry By-Products 
  • Burnt Sweetners 
  • Damaged and/or Compromised Cargo

We can add value to bulk goods by reconditioning, blending, and repackaging these materials. These packaged goods are sold under brands that are disassociated from your brands and established markets. We label these reconditioned goods “not food human consumption” to make sure they stay out of the edible food chain. As salvage food suppliers and buyers, we have the extensive experience in dealing with ingredients that you might otherwise landfill, offering value to your business and the environment. 

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