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If you have surplus ingredients on hand, we can use our experience and contacts to merchandize these ingredients and help you recover a portion of your investment in these assets. We deal with all types of food ingredients and have an extensive network of food closeout buyers. Tell us your situation and your goals, even if it includes finding a green solution for your inedible ingredients:

What We Can Do For You


  • GET IN TOUCH: Contact us and let us know what ingredients you need to sell.
  • LEVERAGE OUR NETWORK: For over twenty years we have built a network of contacts and knowledge of the marketplace for your benefit.
  • STAY IN THE LOOP: We will keep you updated with regular progress reports and potential sales opportunities.
  • YOU MAINTAIN CONTROL: More than half the time we will have multiple options for you to select from with price and terms that meet your needs.
  • TURNKEY SERVICE: We not only help you find buyers we will take care of the paperwork, the logistics, the negotiations, and the invoicing. We make it easy to do business with us. 

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Download Our Sellers Guide And Discover:

  • How To Get Started Selling Problem Ingredients
  • How To Recover The Most Money
  • What To Do With Ingredients Nearing Their Expiration Dates or Expired
  •  And More! 

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Turn your specialty or surplus ingredients into cash.

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